“Wealth management consultants often work closely with Central Coast Realtors when advising clients regarding asset diversification…”

The Wealth Pilot, headed by Greg Franklin, is one of the top wealth management firms in Central California. As an independent wealth management advisor, Greg Franklin specializes in asset wealth management and wealth management consulting.

The Wealth Pilot often works with Central Coast Realtors to help clients find suitable investment properties. They work together to help clients find properties or homes that can serve as an investment or living space.

To ensure clients have access to the most desirable properties, The Wealth Pilot reviewed several leading Central Coast realtors. He wanted to make sure that any realtor that works with his clients has the strongest credentials and understands the use of real estate as a wealth management strategy.

The selections were chosen based on experience, variety or properties available, and concern for protecting the wealth of clients. These Central Coast realtors are dedicated to helping clients find the best properties for their investment purposes.

After thorough consideration, The Wealth Pilot named the following Central Coast realtors as his top four favorites: Kay Kertis, Christa Lowry, Barbara Reaume and Jeanne Kohlbush. If you are using real estate as part of an asset wealth management strategy, consider the following Central Coast realtors.

Wealth Management Advisor Recommends Central Coast Realtor Kay KurtisKay Kertis, Re/Max Del Oro Independent Agent – Top Central Coast Realtors

Kay Kertis gives her clients exceptional service they can count on from the time they first contact her to the moment their deal closes. Kay will Make it Happen! when it comes to home purchase or relocation needs. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-471-6215 for a complimentary real estate consultation. 

Wealth Management Advisor Recommends Central Coast Realtor Christa LowryChrista Lowry, Century 21 – Top Central Coast Realtors

Christa Lowry works at the CENTURY 21 real estate office Hometown Realty in Pismo Beach, California, but is happy to help clients find the perfect Central Coast investment property or dream home in San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa Valley or any of the other charming communities that dot the sun-drenched coast. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-773-2100 for more information.

Wealth Management Advisor Recommends Central Coast Realtor Barbara ReaumeBarbara Reaume, Coldwell Banker – Top Central Coast Realtors

Barbara Reaume started her career as a real estate agent in 1984 and offers over three decades of experience. Specialties include Montecito real estate, Santa Barbara real estate, Montecito relocation, Santa Barbara relocation, short sales and foreclosures. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-610-5403 for more information.

Wealth Management Advisor Recommends Central Coast Realtor Jeanne KohlbushJeanne Kohlbush, J.K. Properties – Top Central Coast Realtors

Jeanne Kohlbush is the owner and operator of J.K. Properties, a full service real estate company. Jeanne specializes in helping clients buy and sell properties on the Central Coast of California. Her real estate business focuses upon the Five Cities area as well as the cities of Nipomo, Avila and San Luis Obispo. Visit the website or call 805- 441-4416 for more information.

Finding a top Central Coast realtor can be a challenge.

Part of The Wealth Pilot’s commitment to excellence includes serving clients with a vast network of reputable, professional Central Coast realtors.  This review aims to save clients of The Wealth Pilot from the effort of researching Central Coast realtors on their own. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision.

About The Wealth Pilot Greg Franklin, owner of The Wealth Pilot, became a wealth management advisor in 1984 after earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business management and economics. His market understanding has allowed Greg to become a wealth management specialist who truly has a sense for what is working and what isn’t. Visit the website and or call 805- 541-8444 for more information.



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