“Wealth management advisors often work closely with insurance agents when dealing with independent wealth management…”

Greg Franklin, is a wealth management advisor that specializes in asset wealth management and individual wealth management.

Greg Franklin often seeks insights from insurance agents to help clients preserve their wealth and provide a secure future for their families. They work together to help clients meet monthly income requirements and develop tactics to protect their money, no matter what the economic future brings.

To ensure clients are well informed about the various types of available insurance, The Wealth Pilot reviewed several leading insurance agents. He wanted to make sure that any insurance agent that works with his clients has the highest standing and provides the best wealth management strategies.

The selections were chosen based on knowledge, services provided, and genuine concern for protecting the wealth of clients. These insurance agents are dedicated to preventing financial loss and protecting future assets for clients.

After thorough consideration, Greg named the following insurance agents as his top three favorites: Gary Stone, Brendan Morris and Matthew Clevenger. If you are seeking an insurance company recommendation from a wealth management specialist, consider the following insurance agents.


Gary Stone, Mackey and Mackey – Top Insurance Agent

Gary Stone, Mackey and MackeyGary Stone was recruited into the insurance industry during his senior year at Fresno State and has enjoyed working as an independent agent with Mackey and Mackey Insurance for the past 19 years. His main focus has been in the field of employee benefits and health insurance but is now expanding to include personal and commercial lines coverages. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-295-6601 for more information.


Brendan Morris, Morris & Garritano – Top Insurance Agent

Brendan Morris Morris&GarritanoBrendan Morris is Principal, Chief Executive Officer, Risk Advisor, and Sales Director at Morris & Garritano. After graduating from the University of Santa Clara with a degree in Finance, he has spent over 18 years in this area. His work in business insurance, errors and omissions insurance (E & O), and commercial insurance protects the private wealth of business owners and principals. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-543-688, Ext. 338 for more information.


Matthew Clevenger, Mackey and Mackey – Top Insurance Agent

Matthew Clevenger, Mackey and MackeyMatthew Clevenger began his insurance career over 28 years ago, shortly after graduating from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, and joined Mackey & Mackey in 1996. He spent several years as a specialist in commercial insurance, as well as liability and workers compensation, and currently works extensively with non-profit agencies, restaurants, manufacturers, wholesalers, retail operations, and property owners. Visit the website andFacebook page or call (805) 772-1799, Ext. 101 for more information.


Finding a top insurance agent can be a challenge.

Part of Greg Franklin’s commitment to excellence includes serving clients with a vast network of reputable colleagues. Finding a top insurance agent in California can sometimes be a difficult challenge. This review aims to save Greg’s clients the effort of researching insurance agents on their own and helps them make an informed decision.

About The Wealth Pilot – Greg Franklin, owner of The Wealth Pilot, began his asset wealth management career in 1984 after earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business management and economics. Greg’s unique understanding of the market has allowed him to become a wealth management advisor who truly has a sense for what is working and what isn’t in the financial industry. Visit the website and or call 805- 541-8444 for more information.


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