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  • BREXIT – What now?  No doubt you’ve heard the historic news.  This massive movement, Brexit, has only added to the already historically volatile market behavior experienced over the last couple of years. The markets were clearly caught off guard; major indices closed down more than 3% on Friday. And with this recent “yes” vote (to […]

  • First, is cash an asset class? Second, a few comments about the latest economic data. Ok, we’ve all heard that investing in to cash really isn’t investing. However, cash is considered to be an integral part of an investor’s portfolio. And it can be a significant part when the market is in decline, like what […]

  • The market continues to display a great deal of volatility while showing a bias to the downside. Emerging markets also continue to head in a negative direction and China’s manufacturing sector is the worst it’s been since the 2009 Great Recession. Stocks across the globe are receding. Riskier bonds here in the U.S. have been […]

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